The Netherlands: Amsterdam in April

In April of this year, my mom and I took holidays from our respective jobs and met up for our flights out of Dulles airport. This trip to the Netherlands was of course with a pleasant vacation in mind, but we had a specific destination that led us to this beautiful European destination, and April […]

WordCamp for Publishers 2017

One of the first events of its kind under the WordCamp umbrella, WordCamp for Publishers was slated to bring together ideas from those who use WordPress to share information in media. The website summed it up best: WordCamp for Publishers is a community-organized event bringing together folks who use WordPress to manage publications, big or […]

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West

In November 2016,¬†during my dad’s annual Thanksgiving visit to Phoenix, we opted to take a tour of the famous architect’s¬†winter home and architecture school. Having previously toured Wright’s Fallingwater on one of my Pennsylvania trips, it seemed fitting that we could compare and contrast together. On this tour, I also had the added bonus of […]

WordCamp San Diego 2017

WordCamp San Diego is always a fun event to attend, and this year was no different. I was excited to attend as a speaker this year and discussed¬†Why Good Developers Don’t Ignore Multisite.¬†I talked about¬†growing as a developer, and places where utilizing and understanding Multisite can help fast-track your WordPress skills. Diving into #Wordpress multisite […]

Fall and Winter 2016-2017

It was a blur, it really was. Looking at my posts, I am¬†incredibly far behind… but considering the digital life I live sometimes it’s nice to know I was so busy enjoying¬†life beyond the screen that I miss a blog post… or five. I’m going to try to cover¬†through¬†fall and winter 2016 so in the […]

WordCamp New York City 2016

I had a New York City trip on my mind in¬†2016¬†for a variety of reasons: visit FanSided’s parent company offices, attend a WordCamp, and sight-see a bit since I hadn’t¬†been to New York in nearly 8 years. Simply put, there wasn’t just one highlight. Not only was the WordCamp itself¬†a fantastic experience between the people […]

Summer 2016 Travels and Adventures

Because I live in Phoenix year round, I think my perspective on the length of summer has changed. As far as I’m concerned, summer started¬†part-way through May and as such,¬†I’ve still¬†got another month or so¬†before¬†it will be over. I don’t¬†mind the Arizona summers as long as I treat them like I did winter in Pennsylvania: […]

Pima Air and Space Museum

Back in March I went on a day trip to the Pima Air &¬†Space Museum in Tucson, AZ. It was fun photo safari day with friends that I would highly recommend if you’re at all interested in planes or history. While¬†all of the photos I liked enough to share here are of outside, they have […]

2016 So Far, Part 2: Arizona Visitors and PressNomics

The first¬†part of this little miniseries took care of my “2015 in review” and included¬†some of my¬†favorite candid shots from volunteering with CANTER Arizona.¬†In this post¬†I’ll move¬†away from the equine side of my life and share some snapshots from adventures with my two-legged friends. Visitors and Adventures February was stressful at work for me as […]

2016 So Far, Part 1: Ponies

Somehow I missed the deadline for a 2015 year in review post. I missed it by a longshot, actually, considering we’re¬†already well into March. I can sum the past year up pretty quickly: WordCamp (San Diego) Speaking at WordCamp¬†(Philadelphia) A third WordCamp (Los Angeles) Officially becoming an employee of TIME (via acquisition) Car adventures (I […]

Editing Hosts File on an IE Virtual Machine

Note: This article is a work in progress,¬†specifically¬†it provides ¬†steps¬†so I can easily test local sites in IE on my Mac. I’ll¬†be adding more screenshots and updated instructions eventually. In the mean time, feel free to comment with your own notes and helpful tips! Using VirtualBox on my Mac for IE browser testing has been […]

WordCamp Los Angeles & A Few Extras

It’s been just under three¬†weeks since WordCamp Los Angeles¬†2015 came to an end, but¬†life has been crazy lately so naturally I was convinced when I went to write this post that at least a month had passed. Things have been moving with¬†that car I wrote about last month, we moved into a new office on […]

On Being Female and Buying Cars (or Being a Developer)

On several occasions at WordCamps or other similar tech events, I’ve been asked (almost always in a thoughtful manner) what¬†my experience has been like as a female web developer in this largely male-dominated field. My answer hasn’t changed much¬†over the 6 or so years I’ve been doing this professionally, aside from the addition of more […]

Western PA Summer Cars

This summer I was grateful to spend quite a bit of time with my family in western Pennsylvania, and in that time I got to enjoy a lot of quality time with my dad, hanging around the shop where he’s building his Sonex Xenos¬†plane, chatting with friends at the airport,¬†and visiting some of the local […]

Custom Post Type Basics at WPAZ

Last week I spoke at the Chandler Arizona WordPress Group meetup about Custom Post Types in WordPress.¬†The talk was live streamed and published on the WPAZ Youtube channel, and I’ve also embedded it below. My goal was to¬†provide information to the meetup audience¬†(many of whom already have their own WordPress site at the very least) […]

June Pennsylvania Trip In Photos

This June I¬†made a trip back east to Pennsylvania to speak at¬†WordCamp Philadelphia and to visit family in Pittsburgh. It was a whirlwind, as these trips tend to be, but I’m so glad I got to spend some time in my home state visiting old friends and meeting new ones. WordCamp Philly I swear I […]

Cottonwood & Sedona AZ

On a whim this weekend I decided to¬†go on a short trip north to check out an antiques store¬†and to chase the sunset.¬†I wanted a chance to really get a feel for traveling with my Canon EOS M, and of course I love any opportunity¬†to go for a drive on winding back roads. Larry’s Antiques […]

WordCamp San Diego

This past weekend I was able to make the drive from Phoenix to beautiful California to attend WordCamp San Diego.¬†¬†As with every WordCamp experience, the¬†other attendees were really the highlight of the event. I got to catch up with friends and got to meet and chat with some incredibly intelligent, insightful people. I¬†ended up bringing […]

Year in Review: 2014 in Photos

I may not have quite made the December 31st deadline with this post, but I thought it was still worth sharing a look into my year with some of my favorite photos. Between traveling, moving, and starting a new job, a lot of things were set in motion in 2014 that I’m excited to build […]