The couple of weeks leading up to the PressNomics conference consisted of typically busy spring days. I was traveling to speak at WordCamp San Diego, which included my first road trip in my Toyota 86, as well as preparations for a holiday to the Netherlands that would follow soon after the conclusion of the conference. Soon enough though PressNomics had arrived, its fifth running, and the hard work of the Sally, Josh, and the Pagely team couldn’t be missed.

A little about PressNomics

A conference centered around the business of WordPress, PressNomics is not affiliated directly with the WordPress foundation and is not a WordCamp, so they are able to create a unique and tailored experience that draws some of the best and brightest from not only the WordPress community but also beyond. My friend Mendel has an archive that goes over his past experiences at PressNomics — read more over at

I’ve attended this event in years past (my 2016 blog post) but this year was a different experience for me as I was invited to speak.

Embracing failure is important

Below is a snippet from my talk at PressNomics, speaking about failure. Thanks to Betsy Cohen for capturing this!

Additional reading

Photos from the event

Post-conference fun

After all of the fun and learning of the event, I was excited to go on a little road trip to Sedona with fellow car enthusiast Mike Schroder, and fellow beautiful scenery enthusiast Aaron Jorbin. Shredder had made the trip out to Arizona in his Subaru BRZ, so it seemed fitting that we take his car and mine — the Toyota version of the BRZ, called the 86 — for a fun drive through some of Arizona’s more unique scenery. We took a winding path that led us up through coniferous forest to Payson, AZ and then headed due west to Sedona to catch a stunning sunset.