Somehow I missed the deadline for a 2015 year in review post. I missed it by a longshot, actually, considering we’re already well into March. I can sum the past year up pretty quickly:

Great, now that that’s cleared up I’ve got plenty of fun snippets from the first eleven weeks of 2016 that have somehow flown by already.


If you’ve talked with me within the last few months you might have heard the story of how I ended up buying a project, and that it was going to be a car or a horse. The project car has been a journey in and of itself… a blog post for another day, really. The main point is that I still couldn’t live without getting to spend time working with horses, and to that end the people that come attached to them, so I found another activity I could be a part of.

A typical Sunday morning
A typical Sunday morning for me

At the end of 2015 I started volunteering my photography for a wonderful non-profit organization called CANTER that provides free listings for race horses that are looking to move on to a new career. Meeting some of the trainers at Phoenix’s Turf Paradise racetrack has been a fantastic experience — the passion and attention that each horse in their care receives is immediately evident.

Ex-racehorses were a huge part of what made me the rider and horseperson I am today, and let’s face it: they’re the elegant, long-legged, super models of the horse world. They photograph well!

Below are some candids from 2016 so far that most likely didn’t end up in the listings, but I love how you can see personalities behind each animal and the relationship with their trainer.

For nostalgia’s sake, below are some shots of me competing with a few ex racehorses in my competitive equestrian days:

Part 2 of 2016 So Far covers Cars, PressNomics, and my Grand Canyon adventure with Sarah. Go ahead, keep reading!