Okay, using the phrase “Ghost Town” might be a little bit of a stretch for the title of this little photo safari. It was certainly a tour of some fantastic old west history and locations, though! Earlier this month my friend and fellow photographer Steve was kind enough to guide me through some of the best spots to shoot, and even let me use one of his Nikon cameras (a D3)and a super fun 15-31mm wide angle lens. I also shot with my Canon 40D and 70-200mm lens as a backup, so I ended up with a lot of range to play with!

We first visited some of the historic pieces from the Apacheland Movie Ranch that now reside at the Superstition Mountain Museum, including the “Audie Murphy” barn that is the only original building remaining from the 1959 movie studio. Following that was a trip to the Goldfield Ghost Town that is a neat little tourist town with public gunfight shows every hour.