On a whim this weekend I decided to go on a short trip north to check out an antiques store and to chase the sunset. I wanted a chance to really get a feel for traveling with my Canon EOS M, and of course I love any opportunity to go for a drive on winding back roads.

Larry’s Antiques and Things in Cottonwood, AZ

I’m always on the lookout for neat art and old books, so I stopped by to check this place out. I wasn’t expecting two acres full of a wonderfully random assortment of pieces, including a lot of stuff outdoors (great natural light for photos? check!). All of the photos at Larry’s were shot with the EOS M and 20mm f2 lens.

Sedona, AZ

Honestly, I’d hoped to shoot Tuzigoot National Monument at dusk but I forgot to check to see if it closed at a certain time of day (it does, and it did). Sedona was an easy second choice and I’d never been on that part of Route 89A, so I got in my car and went north. The tourist spots on the main drag in Sedona were teeming with people but a short detour lead me to a couple of surprisingly nice spots to catch the sunset. My favorite shots from the Sedona set were taken with the EOS M and 72-200 2.8L lens (attached with a converter… tiny camera, huge lens, totally awkward looking but functional!).