WordCamp for Publishers 2017

One of the first events of its kind under the WordCamp umbrella, WordCamp for Publishers was slated to bring together ideas from those who use WordPress to share information in media. The website summed it up best: WordCamp for Publishers is a community-organized event bringing together folks who use WordPress to manage publications, big or […]

PressNomics 2017

The¬†couple of weeks leading up to the PressNomics conference consisted of typically busy spring days. I was traveling to speak at WordCamp San Diego, which included my first road trip in my Toyota 86, as well as preparations for a holiday to the Netherlands that would follow soon after the conclusion of the conference. Soon […]

WordCamp San Diego 2017

WordCamp San Diego is always a fun event to attend, and this year was no different. I was excited to attend as a speaker this year and discussed¬†Why Good Developers Don’t Ignore Multisite.¬†I talked about¬†growing as a developer, and places where utilizing and understanding Multisite can help fast-track your WordPress skills. Diving into #Wordpress multisite […]

Custom Post Type Basics at WPAZ

Last week I spoke at the Chandler Arizona WordPress Group meetup about Custom Post Types in WordPress.¬†The talk was live streamed and published on the WPAZ Youtube channel, and I’ve also embedded it below. My goal was to¬†provide information to the meetup audience¬†(many of whom already have their own WordPress site at the very least) […]

WordCamp Philly Sass Talk

I spoke about Sass, a CSS pre-processor, and why I love it at WordCamp Philadelphia 2015. Below is my talk that can be found on wordpress.tv, as well as the accompanying slides.