From the Archives: La Jolla Favorites

In the interest of making some more space available on my hard drive, I’ve decided to start a little “From the Archives” photo series. This first set includes photos from 2008, 2009, and 2010. 

Over the years I’ve been lucky to spend a decent amount of time in southern California. One of my favorite spots to visit was always the La Jolla shores that always seemed to be teeming with wildlife, surfers, and pedestrians. The walkway that went out partly into the ocean and shielded a group of harbor seals as they snoozed on the shore is currently under construction, and I’m not sure that section will ever be reopened, so i’m even more thankful that I got to spend time enjoying the sights and sounds as they were then.

Jessica and I at La Jolla in 2008

Jessica and I at La Jolla in 2008

The first set includes a couple of candid shots and is a mix of images taken from my Canon Film SLR and from an old Canon SD point and shoot. Film was such a fun medium to learn on and the colors, grain and general style made for photos that to me, felt like they were really moments frozen in time more than today’s crisp, pixel-perfect images.

All of the photos from this second group were shot in 2009 or 2010 with my Canon 40D