This June I made a trip back east to Pennsylvania to speak at WordCamp Philadelphia and to visit family in Pittsburgh. It was a whirlwind, as these trips tend to be, but I’m so glad I got to spend some time in my home state visiting old friends and meeting new ones.

WordCamp Philly

I swear I didn’t just have a good time in Philadelphia because of the cheesesteaks, though they were certainly a bonus :)

The entire event radiated a welcoming, educational atmosphere during the day, and during the breaks and social events you couldn’t walk more than a foot or two without bumping into someone pleasantly engaging. Aaron Jorbin delivered a thought-provoking keynote titled Why WordPress Works This Way that lent insight into how the open source project works and makes decisions that help power 24(!) percent of the internet.

Aaron Jorbin's Keynote at WordCamp Philly

I also spoke at this WordCamp about getting started with the CSS preprocessor Sass (slides available here) to a packed room in the Design track. I enjoy sharing knowledge at meetups in Phoenix and it was great to have a chance to share with the Philadelphia community as well.

Maura Teal speaking about Sass at WordCamp Philly
Speaking at WordCamp Philly. Photo by John Lauber

I ended up taking very few photos of the event — I was enjoying my time and soaking it all in. Below is a short gallery from exploring the city, but if you’d like to see more photos from the WordCamp I highly recommend you check out Mendel Kurland’s WCPhilly recap or one of the other photo sets listed in the Photos From WordCamp Philly blog post.

Philadelphia, PA

Even though I grew up in Pittsburgh, I admittedly had never spent any time on the east side of the state. This seemed like a good opportunity to remedy that, so I took advantage of the trip and did a little sight seeing with my mom.

Longwood Gardens

On the way back to Pittsburgh we visited the stunning Longwood Gardens after staying a night in Kennett Square, PA, and it was absolutely worth it despite the 70% humidity and slightly overcast weather. The only disappointment was that they opened too late in the morning (9AM) and the light for photography became less than ideal very quickly. I still managed to get some shots I liked, though:

It’s always a pleasure to travel back east. A little under a year ago I was visiting Pennsylvania after attending WordCamp Columbus, and for another year in a row I’m hesitant to head back to the Phoenix heat!