If your impression of Arizona is that it’s made up mostly of arid, hot desert littered with tumble weeds and shuttered ghost towns, you’d be partly right. There is so much desert to explore in this part of the country that it can be easy to assume that it’s all the same. I’m not exactly looking to refute that with the photos from my trip to the Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert that is also found within.

Honestly, all of the photos here are of rocks, which doesn’t sound all that exciting to most people. The truly intriguing part of the photos to me, though, is the array of colors and the unique makeup of the few pieces of petrified wood that I captured, as well as the quickly changing landscape that, while all still desert, looked nothing like the red rock of Sedona or the unnaturally green palm-spotted and blacktop-filled oasis that is Phoenix.